The Nervine Garden

High quality, small-batch, fresh herbal tinctures

My name is Beth Maiden. As a medical herbalist-in-training, I handcraft effective, high quality fresh herbal tinctures from herbs grown organically in my garden in Machynlleth, Wales.

The herbs I grow are those I find most useful; I do not offer anything here that I do not use myself. They are primarily 'nervines'; herbs that support the nervous system, soothing symptoms such as anxiety, stress, low mood, SAD and insomnia. Some help with PMT, menstrual and peri/menopausal challenges. Most are also effective digestive aids, supporting good function of the 'second brain', the gut, and the almighty liver. And almost all are tonics, promoting overall health and resilience.

Herbs are harvested at their medicinal peak, carefully sorted for quality, macerated immediately in just the right amount and strength of organic grain alcohol, left for just the right length of time, then filtered for clarity. Close attention and care is paid at every stage of growing, harvesting and crafting. Tincturing is a great passion of mine and I believe these extracts to be of far superior quality to those found in shops, capturing the essential medicine of plants I know intimately.

I have been making and perfecting these medicines for myself, friends and family for years, but as my garden grows, I am able to make some more widely available. This helps to fund my four-year, full-time training.

Current offerings

Since I am selling, I am not really permitted to describe the 'benefits' of these medicines, nor tell you why you might use them (though I have included a few brief words to give you ideas). I encourage you to read in detail about any plant that calls you. Two useful sites by herbalists are Whispering Earth (UK) and Herb Rally (US).

Safety: Some herbs - notably St John's Wort - can interfere with medications you may already be taking, including birth control. Most are unsuitable for use during pregnancy. Please do your own research.

Tinctures are available as simples (one herb), or blends (two/three herbs). All contain organic grain alcohol.


Vervain | Verbena officinalis
Yarrow | Achillea millefolium
Milky Oats | Avena sativa
Mugwort | Artemisia vulgaris
St John's Wort | Hypericum perforatum
Sage | Salvia officinalis
Rosemary | Salvia rosmarinus
Motherwort | Leonorus cardiaca

Favourite Blends

Vervain, Motherwort & Milky Oats | Calming and grounding
St John's Wort, Rosemary & Mugwort | Brightening and uplifting
Vervain & Milky Oats | Restorative after periods of stress
Mugwort, Yarrow & Vervain | Supporting healthy menstruation & easing PMT
Sage & Vervain | Cooling hot flushes and irritability
Rosemary & Sage | A tonic for vitality in midlife and beyond
Digestive bitters | A changing blend of herbs to support healthy digestion

Custom blends available by request.

To order: email

Cost: Pay what you feel.

Ideally I would like £20 for 100ml, or £12 for 50ml (similar to health food shop prices). If this is too expensive, please pay as you can, whilst recognising my skill, labour and materials. You are also welcome to pay more!

I am also open to quaity trades (e.g. produce, therapies, medicines, plants.)

Future offerings

The list of available tinctures changes throughout the year. Herbal vinegars, oxymels, topical balms, teas and glycerites are also periodically available, as are live plants (for local pickup). To receive an email when new things are available (a few times per year) along with seasonal reflections and herby news from the allotment, email me to be added to my newsletter.

I run informal workshops on the art of tincture-making, herbal medicine for the nervous system and other body systems, tonics for good health, and other related topics. Please contact me for details.